Read some of the common questions that are asked in relation to working with Jessica to write and publish a book through Hembury Books.

Jessica Mudditt
What is ghostwriting?

Hiring a ghostwriter effectively involves outsourcing the writing of your book. You tell me your story during interviews, and I write it for you. You remain the author. Busy CEOs and celebrities often use the services of a ghostwriter, as well as those who lack confidence in their writing abilities or simply don’t have the time to commit to such a large project.

How does book coaching work?

Writing a book can be a daunting task. I’ll help you break it down into manageable chunks to prevent overwhelm and unnecessary stress. We will workshop ideas and ensure that the content is relevant to your book’s underlying message. I’ll read over each chapter and provide feedback.

You can choose the frequency of coaching sessions based on your existing commitments. My recommendation is either once a week or twice a month, as this helps to maintain momentum.

Can you help me self-publish my completed book?

Yes. Hembury Books offers an end-to-end self-publishing package for paperbacks, audiobooks and ebooks.

It will save you a huge amount of time learning the various steps involved. Your book will be available at leading global retailers, including Amazon, Kobo Books, Walmart and Barnes and Noble. Bookstores and libraries around the world will also be able to stock it for customers.

I want my book published through a traditional publisher. Can you help?

I can coach you to complete your manuscript to the highest standards, and you can then pitch it to a publisher like Wiley or Allen & Unwin. We can also discuss the pros and cons of self-publishing versus traditional channels. The best choice depends on your reasons for publishing a book. Have a listen to the Hembury Books Podcast, which has lots of advice from authors and industry experts.

I have an unfinished novel. Can you help me finish it?

Hembury Books works with nonfiction authors. I am a former journalist and an author of two memoirs, so nonfiction is my area of expertise. Check the Australian Society of Authors for courses and professional advice tailored to novelists.

Is Hembury Books a publisher?

Hembury Books is a hybrid publisher. We help independent authors to self-publish their books to an exceptionally high standard. As the author, you retain all the author royalties, which is different from the arrangement with a traditional publisher. The author pays the upfront costs associated with utilising the skills of Hembury Books. 

What is Hembury Books?

Hembury Books proviodes book coaching, editing and self-publishing support to non-fiction authors. Hembury Books provides end-to-end support to authors, from working through an idea and structure to setting up your author accounts with global retailers.

Why is it called ‘Hembury Books’?

Hembury Books is named after my father’s house in Devon, which was itself named after a Neolithic causewayed enclosure and Iron Age hillfort in Devon called Hembury Fort Cross.

Hembury was also the name of my dad’s furniture business, which he ran almost his entire working life. It was also the name of our family home in Park Orchards in Victoria.

My dad passed away in 2023 from dementia and losing him made me realise that life is short and that I should pursue my dreams. And that’s when I began setting up Hembury Books.