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Jessica Mudditt

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Holly Deane-Johns is the author of Holly’s Hell: Seven Years in a Thai Prison.

At the age of 29, Holly Deane-Johns was found guilty of attempting to post 15 grams of heroin to Australia from Bangkok.

She narrowly avoided the death penalty but received a 31-year prison sentence.

She spent seven years in a notorious Thai women’s prison, where staying alive was a daily struggle.

She learnt Thai and formed enduring friendships with fellow inmates, but faced heartbreak and anguish when some did not survive.

Holly overcame her drug addiction for good while she was in prison.

After a lengthy battle to obtain a prison transfer, Holly was transferred to a Perth prison in 2007, where she remained for another five years.

After her release in 2012, Holly was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder.

This is the first time she has shared an in-depth account of her life with the world.

ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-0648914297

About Holly Deane-Johns

Holly Deane-Johns was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1971. She was one of five children.

At the age of 20, she was arrested on drugs charges and served five years in Bandy-Up Prison in Western Australia.

Nine years later, she was charged with attempting to post 15 grams of heroin to Australia from Bangkok, as well as possessing another 15 grams in her apartment. She and her co-accused were jointly charged with possessing 104 grams in total. Holly pleaded guilty and received a 31 year sentence. She was sent to the notorious ‘Bangkok Hilton’ Women’s Prison, known locally as Lat Yao.

Holly endured horrific conditions over the next seven and a half years. Staying alive was a daily struggle.

Holly learnt Thai and formed several enduring friendships with fellow inmates, but faced heartbreak and anguish when some did not survive.

She also successfully stopped using drugs during her first year in the Thai prison. She wrote this book in large part to help others overcome their addictions.

After a lengthy battle to obtain a prison transfer from Thai- land, Holly was moved to Bandy-up Prison in Perth 2007, where she served another five years.

Holly has spent the years since her release obtaining qualifications as a social worker, counsellor and hypnotherapist. She has also worked in mining in Western Australia.

Holly is a speaker and community advocate on topics that include substance abuse, PTSD, mental health and domestic violence.

Holly Deane Johns
Catch the Wind by Bruce Lowery

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Catch the Wind by Bruce Lowery

Embark on a thrilling adventure.

Propelled by the collapse of an intense love affair, eighteen-year-old Bruce Lowery sets off from his home in the Dandenong Ranges in Victoria for a yearlong adventure in 1968.

Unexpectedly armed with a letter of permission from his father, Bruce and various mates hitch-hike to the remotest corners of outback Australia. They master the rudiments of fettling and sheep mustering, and find lodgings in some of the most isolated places on the planet. It’s hard yakka under the hot Australian sun, and encounters with wildlife are part and parcel of the experience.

It is an era when social mores are changing and young men and women have more sexual freedoms than ever before, yet Bruce still chafes against the conservative views he comes up against. His long blonde hair is considered an impediment to employment, but he’ll be damned if he’s going to cut it.

As Bruce struggles to come to terms with the ambiguity surrounding his relationship back in Victoria, he encounters a host of colourful characters who amuse, alarm and inspire him. From the middle-aged nurse with an unhealthy interest in young men’s testicles, to the drunken railway ganger and the law-evading jackaroo, join Bruce as he travels vast distances across this wide brown land.

ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 979-8883583376

About Bruce Lowery

Bruce emigrated from the UK to Melbourne in 1955 with his parents Bob and Effie Lowery, together with his elder brother Bob Junior. After a brief stay with relatives in Clayton the family moved to Victoria’s beautiful Dandenong Ranges where he has had the good fortune to live ever since.

Following the late 1960’s adventures described in this book Bruce accepted a position as office boy with the Australian arm of the German/Belgian imaging company Agfa where he eventually rose to the position of National Sales Manager. This allowed him to eagerly participate in many varied Australian industries, that included Motion Pictures, Music Recording, Medical/Industrial X-ray Imaging and Printing over a 37 year period.

Away from work Bruce is a Life Member of the Olinda Ferny Creek Football Netball club having enjoyed many positions that include Player, Coach, President, Secretary and Chair of the Sports Management Group.

He is the proud father of two much loved daughters and grandfather to three wonderful granddaughters. He remains happily married to his wife of over 50 years Sue.

Bruce Lowery
Once Around the Sun

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Once Around the Sun by Jessica Mudditt

While nursing a broken heart at the age of 25, Jessica Mudditt sets off from Melbourne for a year of solo backpacking through Asia.

She has spent six years at university, yet still has no idea what she is going to do with the rest of her life. She just knows that she is profoundly curious about other cultures and hungry for new experiences.

Her willingness to try almost anything quickly lands her in a scrape in Cambodia. With the nation’s tragic history continuing to play out in the form of widespread poverty, Jessica looks for ways to make a positive impact.

She crosses overland into a remote part of Laos, where friendships form fast and jungle adventures await.

Vietnam is an intoxicating sensory overload, and the hedonism of the backpacking scene reaches new heights.

Jessica is awed by the scale and beauty of China, but she has underestimated the language barrier and begins her time there feeling lost and lonely.

In circumstances that take her by surprise, Jessica finds herself hiking to Mount Everest base camp in Tibet.

From a monks’ dormitory in Laos to the steppes of Inner Mongolia, join Jessica as she travels thousands of kilometres across some of the most beautiful and fascinating parts of the planet.

ISBN-13: ‎ 978-0975641811

About Jessica Mudditt

Jessica Mudditt is the author of two memoirs and the founder of Hembury Books. She is currently writing a third book, which is called Kathmandu to the Khyber Pass.

She lives in Sydney with her two daughters and two cats, Smokey and Rajah.

Jessica Mudditt
No Buts by Margaret Chipperfield

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No Buts by Margaret Chipperfield

No Buts  is a book that features men we rarely hear about.

As a society, we hear appalling stories about homicides and violent and abusive crimes perpetrated by men against women and children. We are relieved to hear when the perpetrators are incarcerated, and we are supportive of funding being used to protect women and children.

However, we rarely hear of the men who live with a belly full of guilt and shame and who want to change their behaviour.

The stories in this book are written by men who achieved behaviour change. They are written with the aim of encouraging other men to seek help.

The stories were compiled by social worker Margaret Chipperfield, who began working in the intensive Men’s Behaviour Change Program at Anglicare Victoria in 2013.

While this book is about men and, in many cases, their untapped potential, it in no way diminishes the suffering that men have inflicted upon women and children. It is because of this intolerable damage that this book has come to be written: to examine the root cause of the problem, seek an understanding and some solutions, and most of all, to encourage men who need it to seek help.

ISBN-13: 978-0975641859

About Margaret Chipperfield

Margaret Chipperfield grew up in North Balwyn and obtained a teaching certificate from Burwood Teacher’s College in 1964. She spent six years as a primary school teacher before attending Monash University to obtain qualifications as a social worker.

She spent the next 25 years as a social worker, including three years working in child protection and some 20 years managing a range of different programs such as Foster Care, Family Counselling, Men’s Violence, Drug and Alcohol Counselling, Family Support, Residential Care and Financial Counselling.

In 2005, Margaret was the recipient of the Robin Clark Memorial Award for Inspirational Leadership in the Field.

Margaret Chipperfield

Forthcoming Titles

The Chocolate Bar Life by Danielle Colley

The Chocolate Bar Life by Danielle Colley

For years, Danielle Colley believed life was endless rounds of stress until you died. One day, after being fired as a journalist at The Australian Women’s Weekly, the solo mum was propelled beyond stress and straight to Burn Out Town. Deciding life should not feel like a constant uphill marathon, Danielle’s mission became discovering contentment and creating an ambitious life that still feels good to live.

While uncovering what kept her striving beyond her edge, addicted to stress and self-soothing with whatever she could, Danielle realised at the heart of it was the ingrained conditioning that success proved you were a worthy human and should be attained at all costs.

But a chance comment about making life more like a Mars Bar changed how Danielle saw life forever.

Raw and relatable, The Chocolate Bar Life is in turns insightful and humorous as it invites you to liberate yourself from the expectations of the world and prioritise the delicious balance between work, rest and play so life becomes far more yummy.

About Danielle Colley

Danielle Colley is an integrative life coach, speaker, event facilitator and writer. For the past five years, she has been helping people who are feeling stuck and dissatisfied with their lives to reach their full potential.

As a former journalist working for publications including The Australian Women’s Weekly and Sunday Life, and a struggling solo parent of two young children, Danielle understands how hustle and grind impacts our ability to live a rewarding life. She has developed techniques to rid ourselves of anxiety, overwhelm and burnout.

Since Danielle started her life coaching business Your Good Life, hundreds of people have taken Danielle’s courses on confidence, self-worth and courage. Danielle also delivers leadership workshops with the desire to create systemic change in how we perceive success and satisfy our ambitions. Danielle has worked with brands including Sony Pictures Television, F45, The Leadership Institute and Transport New South Wales to provide leaders and their teams with the tools for wholehearted leadership, impactful communication, sustainable success and unshakeable confidence.

Danielle Colley

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