Borderless Journal, June 2024 issue

With thanks to Borderless Journal for this review and feature interview about Jessica Mudditt’s second book, Once Around the Sun.

Jessica was interviewed by founding editor, Mitali Chakravarty, who started her career as a journalist in The Times of India.  Her bylines have appeared in The Statesman, The Times of India, The Hindustan TimesThe PioneerThe Daily Star and more journals. She writes about Once Around the Sun – From Cambodia to Tibet:

What makes her narrative unique is her candid descriptions of life on a daily basis — that could include drunken revelry or bouts of diarrhoea — while weaving in bits of history and her very humane responses. Her trip to Angkor Wat yields observations which brings into perspective the disparities that exist in our world.”

Mudditt with her narrative does create a bridge between those who have plenty and those who still look for and need an iron rice bowl. She mingles with people from all walks and writes about her experiences. Hers is a narrative about all of us –- common humanity. Her style is free flowing and easy to read — quite journalistic for she spent ten years working as one in London, Bangladesh and Myanmar, before returning to her home in Australia in 2016. Her articles have been published by ForbesBBCGQ and Marie Claire, among others. This conversation takes us to the stories around and beyond her book.

In a Q&A, Mitali asks Jessica wide ranging, almost philosophical questions about the inequality that prevails in the world, and whether it will ever change.

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