Don't duck!

For those looking for a day trip out of Dhaka with a difference, Ghuradia is the place to go.  It’s only a few kilometres from Savar and offers beautiful rural scenery as well as the chance to watch a snake charmer work his magic on a deadly cobra or python.  Fees for the shows are highly negotiable – aim for aroun Tk 1,000 – and they last around 20 minutes.  The village of Ghuradia is inhabited by a number of Badhi river gypsies, who are believed to have magical powers as snake charmers and are frequently deployed to remove snakes from homes.  Although it is believed that the snakes used in the shows have been defanged, it would be wise to remain a safe distance at all times – no matter how tempted you may feel!  The ethics of snake charming are dubious, but it’s an ancient art nonetheless.  You decide…



Snake charming

Dried snake skin in the crops - perhaps a scarecrow for snakes?

Too close? Never!