Published in The Weekend Independent Magazine, 2 July 2010

Jessica Mudditt: A beam of light


Being a reader of “The Weekend” has always made me proud. Unlike other weekend magazines, this one is worth reading while relaxing on a Friday morning with breakfast served on bed. Sir, my main intention of writing to you was to talk about Jessica Mudditt, a successful writer of your magazine. When I read her article “Investigating youth”, I realized that this piece of work might not be as vital as other recent news’, like the “Neemtoli Tragedy” and other disasters, but Sir, with all due respect I would rather expect articles like these – Investigating youth – in a weekend magazine than serious ones. We see, read and hear about news everyday. But, information like these tend to get lost. To some journalists, they are “important” enough. Apart from me, I can guarantee you that there are a lot of readers out there who expect entertaining yet informative news in “The Weekend”. Sir, Jessica Mudditt is a writer who actually can bring about a change in the definition of “news”. I am truly satisfied by her writing style and her way of describing matters. I wish Jessica Mudditt best of luck and would be more happier if she provides the readers with articles such as this one and of course, thanks to you sir for introducing writers like her by which our young generation can be inspired to write.

Irtiza Gulshan, Dhaka.