Hi Jess

Today no programme was announced.  It seems that there are talks between the leaders and organisers of the movement and perhaps they are deciding about the next steps. The situation is very unstable.

We prefer not to engage in a bloody movement because if it goes that way then the Government has a reason to kill people and make much propaganda against the protesters by calling them vandals.

Today Khatami [ex-President of Iran 1997-2005, who pulled out of the presidential race in order to back Mousavi] wrote a letter to the people and the Supreme Leader, saying that people have a right to peaceful demonstrations.  He asked the Government not to use military force against the people and also urged the people to achieve their aims through peaceful demonstration.  

Khatami said the three days of peaceful protests showed the whole world that the people of Iran have a good manner and behaviour in their political actions.

He also said he thinks that there is still hope for the people and the Government to achieve what is right by forming a committee with skilled representatives from both sides.  And that this committee should make the decision.

But this is a method that cannot be accepted by the Supreme Leader because he thinks that what he says should be accepted as a rule by every one.

So I believe that people should think of ways to continue this peaceful movement and to find the opportunities this will bring.

I hope that victory will be the result.