And is it true that Mousavi’s support is limited to students and the middle classes?

Or is this a convenient split that outsiders rely too heavily on?

I suspected the latter, so I asked my secret squirrel for his opinion.

Letters from Iran – Day 7 June 19 2009

Hi Jess

Ahmadinejad had the support of the poorer people at the beginning of his presidency.  Actually his manner of talking and dressing is so that poor people can relate to him as one of their own.  He tries to live more like a worker than a president.  

During the last four years he travelled to a lot of the poorer cities and villages and he paid a lot of cash to poor people!!  It’s stupid.  This is not providing basic infrastructure for the country, it is only cheating the poor people.  Instead of developing the country he is developing beggars.  

Instead of paying cash to the people he should invest the money to create jobs for them.  But even by spending so much money he has only a little support from poor people.  But they are the majority of his supporters.

Ahmadinejad has no support among the mid-level, and higher level and educated people of country.  Only 25% – 30% of Iran’s population are living in small towns and villages where Ahamadi has the majority of his supporters.

In the big cities he has very little support and he does not have the support of educated people in villages.  Thinking very, very optimistically, he could not get more than 25% of the votes – not 63%!!

Before the election I asked many, many people – my friends and family all around the country, and I could see no support for him.  There is a quote, I believe from Adolf Hitler, and it goes like this: “When you want to lie, tell a lie so, so big that no one can even think of opposing it.”  I guess Ahmadinejad and his team are executing Hitler’s scenario!!

I expect a very huge demonstration for tomorrow, and willing so, I will send you the pictures.  I considered your selection of my previous pictures and now I’ve learnt what kinds of pictures will be accepted by you and the media.  So I’m also learning some journalism alphabet from you.

I’m going to take a cup of tea and I’ll try to find a non-blocked satellite TV station to watch.  BBC Persian and VOA channels are blocked.  It’s the same with almost all the useful websites, but whenever the Government tries to kick the people out from the door they enter from window!